We’re All a Little Bit Sick

August 20, 2014

Unfortunately, my title is not meant to be a joke, we are all actually a little bit sick. As most of you read before I am teaching toddlers, my yo-yo class, and at first I was really apprehensive about teaching them. On Day 2 of class I was truly wondering if I was going to survive the semester with all of this crying. Well, it is Week 2 with my yo-yo’s and there is far less crying, which is much more enjoyable for me and for them as students. Since I am a new teacher I have to be observed quite frequently within the first month and a half of me teaching with HESS. My HNST (Head Native Speaking Teacher) was very pleased with the progress I have made in the class after such a short period of time. (I am a little bit surprised at the progress I have made with them as well). I think the yo-yo’s are slowly falling in love with me as I am following in love with them. My HNST said that he can tell that I put the kids at ease and they look like they are enjoying themselves. Besides some comments that he made about just overall improvement in the classroom I was very pleased with what he had to say.


That being said I have been teaching class this week sounding like a 50-year-old woman who has been smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, every day of her life. Last week the sniffling, sneezing, and coughing started. My kids are two-years-old; they really do not understand the concept of covering their mouth. I have also wiped more runny noses in the past two weeks then I have in my entire lifetime. That may be a slit exaggeration, but those adorable kids are kind of sick, so guess who gets to be kind of sick too!! ME!! :)))

I actually hate being sick. Vitamin C has been my best friend this week. I am really hoping to get better soon because next week I start my full schedule of teaching. With everything being new from the teachers, school, kids, food, country, there was bound to be a point of illness, and I am at that point. Thankfully, I have a staff that has been very patient with me and understands the sickness that comes with the new. I hope that both me and my yo-yo’s are back to feeling our best for a new week and a new school year.

Until then: rest and water.