Laundry & Books

August 11, 2014

I have found that the best part about living in a different country is finding the little comforts. Those little things that could possibly make you feel better if you ever were feeling homesick, or just needed a good book. I left the bike at home to pick-up food and realized I was missing out on all these random shops and food places to eat at. It is just too hard trying to not get hit by a scooter and look into shops all at the same time. I found this bookstore/stationary store really close to the train station. After searching around on the three levels I asked if they had an English book section.

They did!

The English Section

The English Section

It may have just been a small section of English novels, but still! It was nice to know that if I wanted to splurge on an English book I would just have to walk down the street in Fengyuan. One of my co-workers also told me that it is really cheap to have pdf files printed and semi-bound. (Copyright laws are much more lenient here than in the United States)


The little differences sometimes make a big difference. Per request I have taken pictures of how I do my laundry here in Taiwan, especially since dryers are few and far between. In the United States if I needed to wash a shirt usually I would just put in a load of laundry and then put that in the dryer. At the most it would probably take 3 hours for me to wear said shirt. I cannot do that here. I don’t know why but I haven’t seen a dryer since I have been in Taiwan.

So here is how I wash my clothes:

1. Put them in the washer (pretty simple haha). Thankfully this washer is simple and also in both English and Mandarin.


2. Put my clothes on hangers to dry.


There is what I call a “sun room” on the roof of my apartment building. It is glass encased and there are several racks for people to hang their clothes. I bought around 50 hangers and some clothes clips so that I could hang my clothes in my wardrobe and also have extras to hang clothes to dry on. I also have a balcony with a clothes rod that I can lower if I just wanted to hang some clothes on my balcony.

I haven’t really attempted to figure out drying time. I washed my clothes and they will get about a little over 12 hours to dry. You may ask, why does that matter? Well, it is humid here so clothes take a little longer to dry. Also, the sun sets here at around 7:00pm, but the heat really doesn’t settle so let’s hope that that is on my side and I have a dry shirt to wear to work tomorrow.