Let’s go out tonight

I thought it would be fun to write a little blurb on nightlife in Taiwan. Now I have not been in Taiwan for that long so all I know is what I have been told and what I have experienced, but there are definitely some cultural differences between nightlife in Taiwan and nightlife in the United States.

First off, nightlife is like a whole different time of day for Taiwanese. Just because it is 9:00pm does not mean that shops, restaurants, or night markets are over. Usually most things stay open until 11:00pm or later, depending on what they offer. There are obviously bars and clubs just like there would be in the US, but where and how you can drink is much different.


Bless the person who created 7Eleven because you can pretty much get anything you need there, and they are EVERYWHERE. The alternative is Family Mart, which is the competitor of 7Eleven. In Taiwan there is no law against open container, so I can literally go to a 7Eleven, buy a beer, and crack it open on the street and drink my beer as I walk to wherever I am going. Thus, the 7Eleven beer chug is created. You hear about people going to the 7Eleven, buying beer, and chugging it before they go to a club because it is cheaper to pre-game at the seve than drink in the bar. While this is extremely convenient if done poorly and loudly it adds to the negative stereotype that Americans are loud drunkards.


In Taiwan there is two very cheap beers. One is the Taiwanese beer that is like a better version of PBR, and the second one is called Bar Beer. This stuff is soooo cheap! Buy it in a six pack at the right place and you have probably spent less than 3 USD on beer. If you only drink 6 beers and you are good than Bar Beer is the drink for you.

Now to the fun stuff: Going out!
If you know how to use public transportation or talk to cab drivers in Taiwan than you are golden for going out. You know where to go and how to get there. Due to being in training, moving, and being exhausted from everything I have not gone out much, but going out with my fellow teacher friends was a great time. We sang our recycle song together and got to know each other a little bit better. It was a great time to get to know other people in the teacher group because it is hard to talk to other people during training time. We may have gotten too silly and had to go home, but it was nice to get a little taste of night life in Taiwan.

Full disclosure: there is more to do than just drink when enjoying nightlife in Taiwan. I will talk more about that later.

Group of Gals :) (and Casey)

Group of Gals 🙂 (and Casey)

Pasqualle, Me, and Rachael

Pasqualle, Me, and Rachael

Me, Chester, and Rachael

Me, Chester, and Rachael